In business, hiding price can be an useful way to attract the customers. But not many people understand why sellers need to hide price of products. Below are some reasons why businessmen shouldn’t show all of the products price.

The first reason is to attract the customers more. As you know, there are 3 abstracts that customers always pay attention to when they buy something: the quality of the products, the price, and how it meets their need. Among these three categories, the price is likely to be one of the most important things that decide whether your customers want to approach your products or not. Some customers will ignore your products right after they see prices. Therefore, hiding price is necessary for the sellers. Besides, to attract customers, businessmen need to envoke customers’ curiousity about the products. To know about the price, customers will add your products into cart. Properly, there might be higher chance that they decide to buy it.

Another reason for hiding price comes from retailers who are selling a product below the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price). Certain Manufacturer’s might have policy’s that prohibit the display of prices which are below the MSRP. Openly displaying a price below the MSRP could be a very serious legal issue for the store owner.

However, hiding price is not easy problem if businessmen don’t have any supportive tools. How can businessmen hide price easily? With the Hide Price Extension created by Magehit, businessmen do not have headache anymore. Below are some typical features of this tool:

  • Remove Price and replace “Call For Price” instead of “Add to Cart” button
  •  “Call For Price” Button opens with nice responsive AJAX
  •  Email notification for admin, will be saved and displayed in Magento admin
  •  Magento Call For Price Extension can be applied to specific Products, specific Categories and customer groups

For some more detail information about Hide Price Extension by Magehit, you can click:


Hope this post has been helpful for anyone who are looking for a convenient tool for hiding price. Feel free to comment below if you have something to add or you got a question.

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