What will the sellers get when using Call for Price/Hide Price Extension?

If you have ever gone through some post about Call for Price/Hide Price Extension and still hesitate whether you should apply this tool or not, you should read this post. Here are some explanation about why should businessmen purchase this tool.

Firstly, it can help you control the prices of thousand even billions products easily. As the latest post we have posted, hidding price is extremely important in business. But controlling all of your products’ prices is very difficult and wastes a lot of time. Unless you use a typical tool to manage this problem, you can go crazy with your products’ prices. Call for Price/Hide Price Extension with its  functions can help you overcome this tackle.

Besides, Call for Price/ Hide Price Extension help you keep in touch with your regular customers. This is the first step for you to interact directly with your customers. When customers call your company, your staffs will can give them useful advice and even introduce some other products. These given advice and direct information can be the best marketing strategy ever.

Lastly, Call for Price/ Hide Price Extension benefits both customers and businessmen. For customers, they can easily find which product is the best for them and feel satisfied with your service. As a result of this satisfaction, there might be higher chance for businessmen to sell your products. Higher profit is the obvious achievement of this tool. It is suggested that you should apply this tool in your system.

Because of its convenience, Call for Price/ Hide Price Extension becomes more and more popular in the market ,however, not all their providers can meet your expectation. But with Call for Price/ Hide Price Extension by Magehit, it’s totally different.You can experience the variety of awsome functions that other tool can’t provide. These are some point features of Magehit’s tool that you should know:

  • Remove Price and replace “Call For Price” instead of “Add to Cart” button
  •  “Call For Price” Button opens with nice responsive AJAX form
  •  Email notification for admin, will be saved and displayed in Magento admin
  • Magento Call For Price Extension can be applied to specific Products, specific Categories and customer groups

Besides these features, there are more benefits that Call for Price/ Hide Price Extension by Magehit brings users. You can look for more information in below address:


If you have any question, don’t hesitate to post comment below this post. Thanks for reading!

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