What benefits store owners can get when using Call For Price extension?

In such competitive market now, hiding price of your products is really necessary for all companies. With a same product, there are many different prices set. This based on many reasons and the service offered together with the products. However, the difference can make store owners face many difficulties while selling the product. When your product has a higher price than other sellers, customers will surely come to the store of your competitors regarding of any reasons. In this case, hiding price of your products is the best way to keep the customers.

The Call For Price extension by MageHit will be a good supporter for you to transform your call-center into a busy one. The module allows you to leave message to your clients and suggest them make a call. With this extension, you can replace Add to Cart button by an eye-catching call-to action text or anything else in your Magento store. By this way, your store can keep potential clients and start a dialogue with them then convince them to buy your product with good service supported. Moreover, Call For Price help you build a contact with the clients and give them more information about your products.

With friendly interface as well as many awesome features, Call For Price by MageHit will be a great tool for you.

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