The outstanding features of Magento Call for Price Extension by MageHit

In the economy market, online storeowners often use no price on product page or hide price if not logged in on the detail pages for a wide range of reasons including when a product price is not fixed or needs to be quoted based on specifications and so on. Our Call for Price extension allows you to remove Magento prices from product. It is a very flexible and customizable way.

You can use Call for Price Extension to not display the prices of one or more products and you can apply this rule to all visitors or only the non-logged in ones and so on. In additional, when the Call for Price button is clicked you can either show a phone number to call or an inquiry form to fill, customers must choose their own option.

In terms of Call for price extension, you can discover some useful features to apply in online shopping store:

  1. Hide Product Price

Shop owners can hide product price of all products or a selected product. Price will be hidden everywhere e.g. product, category and even on the wish list.

  1. Hide ‘Add to Cart’ Button

All Sold out and waiting for the manufacturer to deliver and still would like to capture the leads? Don’t let potential customers go to another store. Get them to contact you on the phone and you can get back to them once you have the inventory. 

  1. Call for Price – Custom Message

Instead of the Add to cart button you can now have a Call for Price button. The text for this button is editable from admin. A customizable text message can be placed here, it can be a phone number or an email etc.

  1. ToolTip

A tooltip on the call for price button to help convert the lead into a sale later on.

  1. Query Form

You can have your visitor fill out a short form capturing important information such as Name, address, contacting number. The form will be sent to admin and handle, after that, admin will send customers back price and some requirement.

In short, the above information described some useful functions of Magento Call for Price. To get more details, you can visit our MageHit website:

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