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Supportive extensions play an important role in promoting business. To be more specific, it will help businessmen control their system effectively, advertise products, build up the loyalty in customers, attract customers, etc. There are many kind of extensions produced by extension providers. Call for Price, among these extensions, is considered as one of the top ones which is invented by MageHit.

In general, this extension is used to hide price of products and make customers to contact with providers to get information about products. The first description of Call for Price is not persuasive enough for readers to believe in the effectiveness of it. Therefore, in the following part, we would like to show you two advantages that you will get by using Call for Price by mageHit.


Arouse the curiosity among customers with Call for Price

It is easy to understand that people have a tendency to be curious about the secret things. And once they are influenced by their curiosity, the only way to satisfy themselves is to uncover that secrets. This theory is the same in business. Therefore, to attract customers more, businessmen need to know how to arouse the curiosity among customers. Understand the effect of curiosity, Call for Price by MageHit focuses on hiding price of products. By this function, there will be a higher chance to make customers concern about your items.

Build up close contact with customers

As a result of hiding price, customers need to contact your system to get the information. Thank to this feature, businessmen will have a valuable chance to interact with customers. This function is especially good for online stores which have little chance to talk with customers. When contacting with each other, businessmen can answer customers question, add more advice for them as well as  advertise about the new products or services. These methods are even better and more convenient for both customers and store owners to interact with customers than in reality.


To sum up, if businessmen want to promote their business effectively, they can try the  method of MageHit Call For Price. With such detailed information, we hope that clients will have more information believe in the working ability if it.

If you have question for Call for Price, you can contact MageHit to get more information


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