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How to use Magento Call For Price Extension by MageHit?

Call for Price is considered as a top extension by MageHit which helps to support store owners a lot in business. It has been widely used in the market and trusted by many businessmen. Because of its popularity, we would like to offer readers some information about how to use this extension.



Start with System >> Configurations >> MageHit >> Call For Price (Another way:  Call for Price >> Configuration)

In this part, you have the right to:

  1. Allow Call for Price to work by  click “Yes” in the field of “Enable Call For Price”.
  2. Text into the Call For Price Button Text any word to replace for “Add to cart” button in frontend.
  3. Choose the email address to which the notification will be sent in the field of “Send Email”
  4. Choose template email notification for admins in the field of “Email Template”
  5. Choose the suitable template email to reply customers in the field of “Email Template Reply’’
  6. Choose which group of customers to apply Call For Price in the field of Customers Groups
  7. Choose to show the check date by clicking “Yes” or ”No” in the field of Show on ‘Specific Date Range”


Apply Call for Price

  1. For Specific Product

Choose Catalog >>> Manage Products >>> click edit product >>> Click Yes to apply Call For Price for product in the Call For Price field (in Price tab)

  1. For Specific Category

Choose Catalog >>> Manage Categories >>> click edit category >>> Click Yes to apply Call For Price for category in the Call For Price field (in General tab)

In general, it can be seen that it is very easy to manage Call For Price extension. Admin does not need to worry because he can take control of this extension with some general instruction.

We hope that this post will be useful for those who start using Call For Price for the first time.

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