Reasons to download Call For Price by MageHit

Among of Magento’s extensions, Call For Price by MageHit is considered as one of the best tool which can support users effectively. In general, this extension helps to evoke the curiosity about products through the function of “call for price”. Based on this fundamental functions, Magento Call For Price can support store owners and customers in many aspects.

Firstly, Magento’s extension, together with the function of avoiding customers to directly see the products’ price, is a great tool to attract customers effectively. Normally, store owners will try to appeal visitors by discount or fabulous illustration. However, with this innovative extension, customers’ sense of curiosity will be aroused when they are interested in a products without price. In this case, they have a tendency to want to see the price by clicking the button “Call For Price” to contact with you.

Moreover, once customers visit your page or contact with you, this is a valuable chance for you to interact with them and give them the best advice. This function can benefit both customers and store owners. For customers, they can receive detailed information about products as well as useful suggestion when directly contacting with the store. For store owners, this is a chance to offer customers the best service by supporting customers in finding the best products. Besides, by this way, store owners can build up a closer relationship with customers. This will support store owners to promote and develop the popularity of their brand.

Last but not least, Magento Call For Price is believed to be a wonderful extension because of its intelligent design to meet the store owners’ requirement. When applying an extension into your system, one of the most common concern is how convenient that extension can be. When using Call For Price by MageHit, users no longer need to consider the working ability of this extension because with its design, admin can take control of almost everything. For example, Magento allows admin to choose to hide price from a typical group of customers or choose to hide price of any product that they want. The ability of activating or deactivating extension is also completely flexible.

In short, Call For Price by MageHit is a great tool for store owners to install and use. It is no doubt that users will have a chance to experience a various number of benefits with this extension.

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