Magento Call for Price (Hide Price)

Call for Price is one of the most awesome and useful extension of Magento for hiding product price from visitors, customers and guest users.


Hides price and add to cart


Call for Price hides the price and “add to cart” button from Product page or Product Grid. A customer usually trends to see the price before buy but by this way, your customers can interest in further details of the product instead of its price. Therefore, you can completely aware of the potential customer market’s needs and keep them. Its features makes you can interact with them by two ways: contacting on the provided contact number or through price quote form.


Call for Price


To know the product’s price all guests, customers or even visitors can now have a Call for Price button. It is setup by admin and can be a store’s phone number or an email. If they fill up the request form, it will be send to store admin and you can send a confirmation email for the customers. The convenient in here is that they can unique price of specific products. You can stay in touch with your customers and show your diligent services.


Message Form


As some special products that may not buy online so you can show the prices but instead of showing add to cart, you want to display an inquiry form link. This extension will keep showing the product prices but will remove add to cart button for everyone. The customers must contact with store boss to ask more details about the products.

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