Magento Call for Price extension: why should your store website have?

In the competitive market, the price factor is always a sensitive problem to both customers and managers. To customers, they will consider carefully before making the purchasing decision, they will base on quality, price, brand or experiences to decide. Also, to managers, they want to have the best price to not only attract customers but also increase profits for their business. So, how to make satisfied both of them. Under the development of Magento Community, there are a lot of extensions, which support for both customers and storeowners in the online store. Magento Call for Price Extension is one of the highlight extensions, which our MageHit company has announced in 2015. What are new features? Why   should your store website have? Today, in this post, we will mention some reasons to choose Call for Price

With Magento Call for Price Extension, you can easily manage prices visibility for particular customer groups by replacing them with a custom content or redirecting to any page you need.

  1. Flexible settings for every products

As you know, price is always changing each day and each hour, especially, some products is very sensitive to the market, they can change any time. In that case, setting a public price on your site is not a good choice, so you need this extension.

Its flexibility helps you remove prices in particular products, a group of products or the entire store and add texts or images instead.

2. Encourage customers to contact you.

Magento Call for Price extension will bring you an opportunity to add a special notice that will attract customers enquiry and stimulate them make a call to update product prices as well as product information. Magento Call for Price extension helps you replace prices in particular customers and other customer groups with different messages for different cases and after that, And the most important thing is to provide the most exact prices about products to customers and they will receive up-to-date information from your call-team service.

3. Enhance your customer services and support your marketing efforts

The fact that the Magento Call for Prices extension creates a good condition to make your customers contact you brings you lots of benefits. Because of this, you might own a huge of customer information and use it to correct your marketing policy, improve public relations activities, build a loyal customer force, stimulate your customer demand, etc…

4. Easy installation and the best life-time supports from BSSCommerce.

The Magento Call for Price extension is user-friendly with friendly interface and easy installation. Besides, you always have our full supports during using process. We offer:

– Free installation services

– Free update with offered support period

– Three months of free guaranteed support.

If you are interested in Magento Call for Price Extension by Magehit, you can click

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