Magento Call for Price Extension by MageHit: increase the interaction between customers and storeowners.

As you know, in the economy market, the customer is the central of all transactions, if market has no customers, only sellers, your business will be failed. How to understand customers’ minds and make them satisfied. With the support of development of Internet, everything becomes more easily. To enhance the interaction between customers and storeowners, our MageHit company has provided a smart and advanced application to help Magento store manage price of products. It is Magento Call for Price Extension-allowing you replace the price and add to cart button with a custom message like “Call for Price” or “Contact us for Details” on a per product basis.

There are a lot of different reasons why your store should hide prices from your pages such as: some products are out of stock at the moment or you don’t want to show prices in some cases…then our Call for Price extension will help you hide product price. So customers want to know product price, they should send request to shop owner by message. This method will increase highly the contact between customers and your business as well as boost sales.

In addition, when customers fulfill personal information in available form and submit. This extension will send email directly to website manager and mail feedback to customer with template that can be created in backend. Especially, you can enable Call for price for some fields of user and stores are Customer Group, Customer ID & Multi-store.

With the support of Call for Price, we believe that this extension will help your store develop and sell products well. If you are finding a service like Call for Price, you can see more at

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