How Mageto Call for Price Extension work?

Call for Price is one of the most outstanding extension by Mageto. It is specially used for hiding price of products effectively. This extension is a means for store owners to arise the curiosity  about price and motivate customers to buy their products. Indeed, this extension had possitive influence on the volume of sale in online stores which added this extension into its system.

In spite of being popular in the market, some people still do not understand about Mageto Call For Price Extension and hesitate whether they should purchase it or not. Therefore, in this post, we would like to explain how this extension work to be such a favourable extension.

Thank to the simple design, store owners will never feel complicated when using Mageto Call for Price Extension. They can manage every aspects in this extension on their own, can set up rules as their wish.

Firstly, Mageto has replaced the button of “Add to Cart” by the button “Call for Price”. The special thing is that you can enable or disable this function whenever you want. If you apply it, your customers, of course, can not see the price. And instead of seeing the price obviously, customers have to click “Call for Price” to know how much the product costs and add it into cart at the same time.

Another thing you should know is that after clicking the button of “Call for Price”, a resposive AJAX form will appear for customers to ask and submit their question and requirement. Moreover, the contact detail will also be shown in case customers want to contact more with your store.

Thirdly, administrators will receive notification about the form which was submitted by customers via email. Thank to this function, managers can reply customers’ requirement quickly.

Last but not least, thank to the simple design, admin can choose to hide price for a specific type of product and for  a specific group of visitors. This function is to make sure that every thing will run effectively as the admin’s wish.

The information that we mentioned above is just an overview about how Mageto Call for Price Extension work. If you want more information about its features as well as how to apply it, let’s visit this address:

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