How Call for Price helps ?

Magento Call for Price is been increasing because of its amazing feature.

  • Admin will receive an email notification about the inquiry submitted by visitors along with contact and product detail.
  • Customer requirement for the product price will be show in Grid as well as Magento admin.
  • All products, specific Products, specific Categories and customer group can be used by Call for Price.
  • Email automatically received from customer’s needs to make them.
  • Admin responds all customer queries to make a final deal about the product price through Email or Phone.
  • Support following product types:
  • Simple product
  • Configurable Products
  • Virtual Products
  • Bundle Products
  • Product by group
  • Admin’s store can change title of the products form.
  • The email shows Product Name appearance as a subject to better understand.
  • Multi language supported.
  • Show Cell/Phone number along with “call for price” button at front-end side.
  • Admin’s store can see a list of products in admin for which call for price is specifically enabled.
  • The products with selected custom attributes will be available for admin reference in admin grid and in Email.
  • Magento store owners can collect customer’s data in easily way because this extension works as a lead generator.
  • If the product having fluctuation in the prices, prices based requirement, price undefined, discount offer in bulk purchase and many others.
  • Call for Price allows customers inquires and communicate with these potential customers after that advance their template options.
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