Create Call for Pricing in Magento

In the process of putting the product on the website, for any reason that you could not put the price for the product. But if you leave it to 0 when displaying the transition. So how to display your desired price.

There are many ways to do this, today I will instruct the easiest way without having to code or the code’s theme, which is installed extensions (extensions). There are also many extensions to this work, through the process, I found “Call For Price by MageHit” is a excellent extension and fit just fine, applies to all tables from magento version 1.4 – 1.9.
First you install Magento call for price by MageHit from Magentoconnect.

Magento call for price by MageHit

Magento call for price by MageHit on Magentoconnect

After installing your product management section -> choose the current price’d Call. In Call for price item you select Yes and rewritten from the “Call” or any other word.

And the results have been:


Simple right?

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