Call for Price supports your E-commerce

Contact directly with your customers

Because some products in your store to be sold specific so simply replace their prices and “Add to cart” button with the “Call for Price” message to make guest users contact your call-center for more details. The product prices change frequently or market needs. Store owners are difficultly to face to adding goods to their website. Therefore, shoppers can make to find out the most up-to data product information.

The Call for Price Magento extension, you can manage prices visibility for particular customer group though a custom content or redirecting to any page you need. Moreover, using this extension you can create a database that save various customers contact address to use effectively for your marketing.

  • Add or replace prices blocks with custom messages
  • Tell product price personally to customers groups, particular customers
  • Reset price blocks for single products, product groups
  • Reset price blocks for products groups
  • Reset price blocks for the entire store

Price shows on different pages

You can save more times by using this extension because Magento provides to you the opportunity to choose pages with products where the prices should be replaced. The price will be not show you just click in a special check box. Moreover, you can send a link to customers to any pages you need.

 Price show for your customers

You can manage price visibility and increase particular clients to contact you. For example, a customer group about company, they refer choosing office equipment rather than housewares. Therefore, you can select materially items which price won’t be hided to customers. By that way, your customer can be glad so you can attract them.

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