Call for Price and Hide Price on Magento stores

Through the previous posts, you can understand the detail information of Magento Call for Price extension from MageHit. We are very glad to share with you many experiences that we have as well as support significantly to improve your site better.

In this post, we will continue discussing this Magento with the comparison between Call for Price and Hide Price on Magento stores:

Call for Price Hide Price
Your prices are regularly changing. Don’t want to show prices to some groups of clients? Pay attention to your new Magento extension – Call for Price. It can boast of a wide range of price visibility settings, which makes it suitable for plenty of marketing aims. Besides, you can customize the text displayed instead of the price and redirect the customers to the pages set. With Call for Price you will be able to introduce totally new marketing strategy designed to reach new eCommerce horizons. If you don’t want your customers to call you to learn the price, you can just hide some prices with the help Hide Price Magento extension. Besides hiding the price itself, you can prevent customers from adding the product to shopping cart or wish list. Besides, you can Hide Price from only some groups of customers
·         Replace product prices with custom messages

·         Select customers to hide product prices from

·         Select pages where prices won’t be displayed

·         Hide product prices for particular products

·         Encourage customers to call for pricing


·         Hide product price

·         Disable adding to cart, comparison and wish list

·         Organize private sales

·         Choose customer groups who can view prices

·         Encourage people to contact you for pricing


Through these extensions, you totally can set up a good price strategy on your online store. More flexible and easy features are all what we want to describe. Thus, if you want to improve your site, you can see more details at

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