Build up the live contact to your customers

Due to some of reasons such as your products are out of stock and the product price is changing dramatically, so you must choose removing the price from your product page. Does it affect to your sales and profits? We want to affirm that your store will not be affected to anything. Because the Magento Call for Price will support you gaining the interaction with customers and your store.

Through the Call for Price Magento extension by MageHit you can easily manage prices visibility for particular customer groups by replacing them with a custom content or redirecting to any page you need. Moreover, with the extension you can easily generate a rich customer contacts database to use effectively it for your marketing needs.

With many useful features we has introduced in advance, today, we continue giving more points about building up the live contact to your customers.

  • Replace price blocks with custom messages
  • Redirect customers to any page you need
  • Hide prices from customer groups
  • Hide prices from particular customers
  • Hide price for particular store views
  • Replace price blocks for single products
  • Replace price blocks for product groups
  • Replace price blocks for the entire store

By activities above, customer will be active to contact with your store. In that time, your store will can send email directly to customers

As concluded,you can see more details at

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