A view on hiding price

Whether hiding price has positive or negative impact on an e-commerce website has been a controversial issue for years. Many people claim that this will be the easiest way to make customers to leave a store while others think that price hide can bring many good effects on sale.

To help readers have a closer view on this problem, we are going to talk about it in the below part. Let’s read to figure out your own answer for this question:

Whether entrepreneurs should hide price or not?

  1. Hide price in certain circumstances to support the store owners’ purposes

In many cases, store owners need to hide price to protect their store from your competitors. If you offer price available, your competitor can see it easily and they will lower the price a little bit to appeal customers from you. Therefore, it is necessary for store owners not to show price to avoid this problem. It will be better if store owners choose to make price available to certain group of customers. Besides the problem with competitors, store owners also need to hide price because there are some kinds of products which have price changed frequently. Because of the un-fixed price, it will be very hard for store owners to set a certain price for those products. In this case, hiding price will be better.

  1. Hide price to be more interactive with customers

If you don’t show price of products, customers will have no choice but contact you. This is the reason why price hide will help customers interact with you more. Once customers contact you, you will have a chance to give more information about your products. This is a very good way to not only advertise products but also offer customers better service. It can be seen that hiding price can help to build up the constant contact between customers and store owners as well as generate and enrich customers’ database at the same time.


From those points, we hope that you can understand more about price hide and its impact to your e-commerce website. There is no doubt that hiding price can bring customers many benefits. However, the benefits can come only when store owners know how to apply price hide in suitable cases. If you want to know how to make use of price hide effectively, you had better read about Magento Call For Price Extensions by MageHit. This is considered one of the best tools which can support store owners to hide price in a professional way.

A view on hiding price

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