Magento 1&2 Call For Price (Hide Price) is an effective extension which offers numerous advantages to customers. It allows you to hide price of products and replace Add to cart button by Call for price Button. It is edited by Html, automatically sets up when the price on a product is set as “0”. Besides, it is easy to setup and configure. When using this extension, there is no doubt that customers can receive many benefits. Therefore, choosing Call for Price Extension by MageHit is an intelligent decision.

Magento call for price/hide price extension
Only $29
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Compatible with Magento

  • Community: 1.5.x – 1.9.x
  • Enterprise: 1.10.x – 1.14.x

Services included

  • Free installation
  • Free Lifetime upgrade
  • Support until you get satisfaction

Some of the awesome features of Call For Price (Hide Price) extension

1. Remove Price and replace “Call For Price” instead of “Add to Cart” button
Replaces Price and Add to Cart Buttons on Category, Search, WishList, Compare and Product Pages with custom text flexible which you can set it to be displayed in configuration Magento admin.

2. “Call For Price” Button opens with nice AJAX form responsive
A responsive AJAX pretty pop up form for customers to submit their requirements and contact details.

3. Email notification for admin, will be saved and displayed in Magento admin
Email notification for admin about the details submitted by visitors along with contact and product details. And administrator can follow and reply request of visitors in Magento admin

4. Call For Price can be applied to specific Products, specific Categories and customer groups
This feature can be enabled in the product management detail (in Price tab) and in the category management detail (in General tab) by the Magento administrator.

Other Features

  • Support for WishList page, WishList sidebar, Compare page
  • Easy to select template for email notification for admin, easy to select template for email reply for client
  • Show “Call For Price” on Specific Date Range
  • Easy to customize front-end via HTML/CSS
  • Product Name, Product Sku can auto appeared as a detail in the email notification for admin
  • Supports display “Call For Price” in all product types
  • Friendly and flexible configuration
  • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy to use

Call For Price (hide Price) Questions?

Do you have any questions? We’re got answers

How to install Call For Price extension?

You can do follow the instruction at Install Module

This extension has any core file or template file being rewritten?

No, This extension does not override any Core classes or template file. We will instruct you to integrate our extension with current theme in your site and it will be worked well.

Customers’s feedback

Magento Call For Price is an excellent extension,it does exactly what I wanted. I was having difficulty using the upload function to change multiple products to “call for price” at the same time, but the problem just came down to my choice of browser. It wasn’t working with Chrome but worked perfectly with Firefox. Max’s installed the extension quickly and was also quick to respond to my questions. Highly recommend. I’m using Community 1.9.. I highly recommend this extension. It is so easy to use.” – Hakan Sales Manager iGold Capital GbR

“Out of the box I had a few issues with my theme on the development site, but David quickly fixed these issues and even installed on my live site as well for no charge!!! I feel that he went above and beyond the ensure end user success. The functionality is exactly as advertised and is wonderful. I would absolutely recommend purchasing from them as they back up their products with great support in the event of any issue. Overall incredible value for the amount they charge and the value you get in return!” – Tiago Martins Martins Freelancer Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Magento 2 Call For Price Extension was available for download